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No C Test for the T. When seemingly lucid men and women of science place their faith in the creed of naturalism, anything that contradicts their beliefs must be disregarded or explained away. This is not just a passive attitude, but a very aggressive and pervasive mindset. Like the defense mechanism of psychological denial, it allows these disciples of Darwin to turn a blind eye to evidence that might contradict or even falsify their molecules-to-men worldview. We are talking about the billions of years that evolution uses to convince people, contrary to everything we know about our created natural world, that inorganic substances or compounds, i. And then evolutionists double down on life arising from non-living molecules and assume that living organisms can, by entirely natural processes, produce a continuum of life forms from microbes to men. We are not only referring to living organisms, but organisms of incredible, irreducible complexity. In his seminal book on this subject, Michael Behe By irreducibly complex I mean a single system composed of several well-matched, interacting parts that contribute to the basic function, wherein the removal of any one of the parts causes the system to effectively cease functioning. An irreducibly complex system cannot be produced directly that is, by continuously improving the initial function, which continues to work by the same mechanism by slight, successive modifications of a precursor system, because any precursor to an irreducibly complex system that is missing a part is by definition nonfunctional.

T-Rex: Boxing and Dating

Feathered dinosaur theory won’t fly Analysis of a shred of million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex protein – along with that of 21 modern species and an extinct mastodon – confirms that dinosaurs share common ancestry with birds, particularly chickens and ostriches, and to a lesser extent, alligators. Tyrannosaurus rex, the “tyrant lizard”, has confirmed its place on the vertebrate backboned animal family tree, thanks to the new study, which was made possible thanks to an extremely unusual T rex fossil found in Even though most fossils contain only preserved hard tissues, like bones or shells, this one contained some of the dinosaur’s soft tissues, such as collagen and blood vessels.

Related Articles Chickens ‘capable of empathy’ 09 Mar Now, Dr Chris Organ of Harvard University and the Museum of Comparative Zoology in Cambridge, Massachusetts and his colleagues have analysed the proteins in the collagen preserved from that T rex fossil and another fossil, a mastodon that was some , to , year-old.

The T. rex found by the Burke/UW team is nicknamed the “Tufts-Love Rex” in honor of the two volunteers who discovered it. The skull is about 4 feet long weighs about 2, pounds in its protective.

We gave a skull of a large animal to these evolutionists, who create monstrous animals, and they created a horrible looking animal of millions of years ago. The skull that was given to them was a head of a camel, and was nothing like their imagination. Anothe case of a skeleton of a fossilised sea mammal, which is believed to be millions years old, because these mammals where found in a strata that claimed to be million years old.

This fossil was found in a verticle position and was fossilised through four different layers of sediment of , , , and million years. Mmmmm, so much for evolution theory. There is a tree that is extinct, possibly million years ago, but they are found in a secluded spot still growing and still exactly the same as million years ago. I wonder what happen to evolution? An item was given, a fossilised item for carbon dating, it was dated at 15, years. Well, the item came out a mine that was dug only years ago.

Mmmmm, so much for carbon dating. Mmmmm, they found a T Rex bone, and it had blood cells and tissue still on the bone after Million years. Mmmmm, what can I say.

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It was big news indeed last year when Schweitzer announced she had discovered blood vessels and structures that looked like whole cells inside that T. The finding amazed colleagues, who had never imagined that even a trace of still-soft dinosaur tissue could survive. After all, as any textbook will tell you, when an animal dies, soft tissues such as blood vessels, muscle and skin decay and disappear over time, while hard tissues like bone may gradually acquire minerals from the environment and become fossils.

Schweitzer, one of the first scientists to use the tools of modern cell biology to study dinosaurs, has upended the conventional wisdom by showing that some rock-hard fossils tens of millions of years old may have remnants of soft tissues hidden away in their interiors.

Jurassic Heart: My Dating Sim Adventure With a Ukulele-Playing T-Rex When the Daily Dot reported on a dating sim that involved buying your Tyrannosaurus crush a new ukulele, I was all in.

Turns out it was just the headline on a Guardian article covering new research suggesting that T. But I rather like the idea of a dating profile for a dinosaur. So, in a fit of caffeine-induced absurdity, I decided to write one myself. But paleontologists are a pretty resourceful bunch. Not to mention hilarious and surprisingly raunchy. Here’s how they would attempt to woo a dinosaur mate. Which would you swipe right on?

One of history’s largest land animals, this gigantic South American sauropod was discovered in

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Experts write dating profiles for dinosaurs Monday , April 03, – 2: Turns out it was just the headline on a Guardian article covering new research suggesting that T. But I rather like the idea of a dating profile for a dinosaur. So, in a fit of caffeine-induced absurdity, I decided to write one myself: Snout-rubbing and raw Endomontosaurus steak dinners. So I emailed a bunch of paleontologists and asked whether they would be willing to create a profile for their favorite dinosaurs.

Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for The T. Rex Wax Co. Singles: A’s and B’s – T. Rex on AllMusic – – First, full disclosure is necessary as to what’s 9/

Since the last time I blogged , the following things have happened: I had another surgery on my shoulder I stayed extremely sick from whatever I contracted on my trip to Cuba and lost 15 pounds I got two blood clots in my arm, one of which was Deep Vein Thrombosis I started a new job and have spent two separate weeks at the corporate office in Florida Our foster son left suddenly, unexpectedly, and painfully. AJ and I got licensed to become foster parents a year ago.

At the time, it seemed like an ideal way to give back to our community, test the waters of parenthood, and move away from being quite as self-centered as we typically are. The reality, obviously, was far more complicated, but take comfort in knowing that we are still equally as self-centered. Our first foster son was here for five weeks before going back home. At the time, it felt like the longest five weeks of my life. After all, going from no kids to a very energetic five year old overnight is…an adjustment.

But in reality, and in hindsight, he was just about as sweet and easy as he could possibly have been.

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The species Tyrannosaurus rex, commonly abbreviated to T. It hails from what is now western North America. Some scientists consider Tarbosaurus bataar from Asia to represent a second species of Tyrannosaurus, while others maintain Tarbosaurus as a separate genus. Like other tyrannosaurids, Tyrannosaurus was a bipedal carnivore with a massive skull balanced by a long, heavy tail. Relative to the large and powerful hindlimbs, Tyrannosaurus forelimbs were small and retained only two digits.

In this excerpt from T-Rex: Her Fight for Gold, Claressa “T-Rex” Shields talks about dating her sparring partner, Rell, and how she hasn’t told their coach about it because it’s a.

Last updated A nervous high school student goes on a date with her crush. Her crush is a Tyrannosaurus rex. Dating sims are yet to hit big in the U. Combining text adventure game format with teen romance novel plot lines, a dating sim lets you game your way to a romantic relationship with another character. Often reliant on anime storyline tropes, dating sims are popular with young teenagers although, ahem, there are plenty of adult-rated games available.

New online dating sim Jurassic Heart follows a typical storyline of a nervous high school student going on a date with her crush. You see, there was an incident at music club when you startled Taira and made him drop his old ukulele, and you feel kind of guilty about it. Did I mention that you and Taira go to the same high school? Just go with it. If you play your cards right, you and Taira leave the music store with a new ukulele, and Taira invites you to go to the park with him.

For a T-rex, Taira is surprisingly sensitive. I was expecting my meat-flavored hair clip to inspire him to go on a murderous rampage, but in the end he just complimented me and told me about his feelings.

Brachiosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus Rex, would you have won at that era?

Earth Epochs Hard evidence of many past civilizations, short duration Epochs, and super global cataclysms. With inquiries into the Last Great Cataclysm – 7, Years Ago, Objects Out of Place, giant flora and fauna – including dinosaurs and hominids, unknown crafts and occupants, and the Electrostatic Earth theory. Monday, March 20, T-Rex and the Carbon 14 Dating Controversy For openers, I would like to assure you that I am not in the least bit an advocate or supporter for any religious-creationists views, nor am I a supporter or advocate for long term gradualism-evolution.

The narrator ponders the t rex dating problem that ancient people about 4, years ago must have seen dinosaurs because they could not have known what they looked like .

Time Period The T-Rex lived from around 85 million years ago to 65 million years ago. This was toward the end of the Mesozoic era and before the extinction of dinosaurs. Diet T-Rex, one of the largest carnivores to roam the earth, weighed up to 10, kilograms. Given its huge size, its diet and whether it acted as a predator, scavenger or something else have interested many paleontologists. We all know it ate meat as a carnivore, but did you know that this meat sometimes came from its own kind?

Interestingly, one study found that the Tyrannosaurus Rex probably participated in cannibalism, feeding on herbivorous dinosaurs along with its own kind. This may sound surprising, but many other animals do the same, like bears, crocodiles, hyenas, and others. The study found that T-Rexes grew to their full size within 15 years.

This points to a high basal metabolic rate to sustain itself, bringing up questions concerning its eating patterns. Due to the small sample size available to paleontologists, it is difficult to develop any ecological models. One speculation is that contrary to warm-blooded mammals today, the T-Rex grew in spurts.

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Email Paleontologists have always disagreed about how fast a T. One camp says that because of the large size of this fearsome dinosaur, it would be physically limited in its ability to run fast. Ecologically speaking, though, others believe that the predator must have been able to run fast to catch its prey. Dinosaur bones offer little evidence about speed because researchers can’t know for sure where the muscles went and how they were used for locomotion. Trackways, footprints made by a single animal, are studied to determine how fast an animal was moving when they made the tracks.

However, fossilized footprints are extremely rare because of the conditions needed to leave them muddy ground that solidifies quickly.

Mar 20,  · T-Rex and the Carbon 14 Dating Controversy Scientists tell us that Dinosaurs lived up until about 65 million years ago, when an asteroid about 6 miles across, slammed into the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

Monday, April 3rd, at 2: Turns out it was just the headline on a Guardian article covering new research suggesting that T. But I rather like the idea of a dating profile for a dinosaur. So, in a fit of caffeine-induced absurdity, I decided to write one myself: Snout-rubbing and raw Endomontosaurus steak dinners. So I emailed a bunch of paleontologists and asked whether they would be willing to create a profile for their favorite dinosaurs.

Turns out, crafting a profile that will charm a dinosaur is even harder than trying to date a human. But paleontologists are a pretty resourceful bunch. Not to mention hilarious and surprisingly raunchy. Which would you swipe right on? Full-bodied sauropod, enjoys standing and eating.

How T. rex’s powerful bite crushed dino bones to a pulp

T rex dating sim T rex dating sim In the Kokonoe Kokoro visual novel, the player deals with emotions with his childhood friend — a grasshopper girl — and his little sister — a bat girl. Tough-guy bravado is all well and good, but when you get two handsome convicts alone in a room together, well anything can happen. Make love, not blunders!

T. rex fossils are found in a variety of rock formations dating to the Maastrichtian age of the upper Cretaceous period, which lasted from 67 million to 65 million years ago, toward the end of the.

Anyone want to buy a dinosaur? Two on sale in Paris April 10, The skeletons of an allosaurus and a diplodocus are up for auction in Paris this week, marketed as hip interior design objects—for those with big enough living rooms. Two dinosaurs fetch over 1. Rare dinosaur skeleton goes on display in London December 3, A rare dinosaur skeleton goes on display at London’s Natural History museum on Thursday—the first to be exhibited there in a century.

Berlin gripped by T-rex fever as ‘Tristan’ stomps into town December 16, A towering, metre foot long Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton with a terrifying jaw goes on display in Berlin’s Natural History Museum from Thursday. Japan’s largest complete dinosaur skeleton discovered June 6, The complete skeleton of an 8-meter-long dinosaur has been unearthed from marine deposits dating back 72 million years at Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, making it the largest dinosaur skeleton ever found in Japan, according Recommended for you The whole tooth:

Romance an emo T-rex in this Jurassic dating sim

Are the results a confirmation of rapid formation of the geologic column as modern sedimentology studies have predicted? The discovery of collagen in a Tyrannosaurus-rex dinosaur femur bone was recently reported in the journal Science. Radiocarbon dating, dinosaur, bone collagen, organic carbon, bone bio-apatite, fossil wood, amber, megafauna Introduction Bone collagen and soft tissue were recently reported as having been discovered in a Tyrannosaurus dinosaur femur bone as well as other fossil bones from the Cretaceous period of the geologic column by Mary H.

My Girlfriend is a T-Rex (T-REXな彼女, T-Rex na Kanojo) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Sanzo. The series is published in English by Seven Seas Entertainment. Plot Yuuma, a normal human, begins dating an anthropomorphic Tyrannosaurus rex named Churio, and must deal with the problems that dating a humanoid dinosaur.

But imagine if you will a croc-canine combo, one that is 40 feet long, 20 feet tall, walks on two legs and weighs about six tons. After all, when T. Yet it was far from your average dinosaur. It was enough to cause the toughest dinosaur bones to fracture. Scientists have long known that T. Bones, particularly the yolk-like marrow inside, are rich in nutrients. As a rule, though, reptiles don’t gnaw on bones.

Their teeth aren’t designed to.

Jurassic Heart Dinosaur Dating Sim – Hot Girl on T-REX Action!!