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You want them to be cute but they also need to be functional. This does not affect the price of the product at all. Our towel rack was a DIY that I made a while back. If you want a quick version, I just took an old cabinet door and painted it. Hubs put the shelf on top and then I added the hooks, which I got from Hobby Lobby. Bam, custom towel rack done. I will link a few farmhouse style towel racks that I found for you at the end of this post. The wood sign I got from Adorned Decor , she was so sweet to make a custom one for this space.

Juicy Details of Our 5 Acre Property

Please share with your friends and the whole world Goats are very active farm creatures. They love to wander around, eat, lounge around chewing their cud, or finding stuff to head butt. They can be mischievous, especially when they are kids. Regardless of how much land you have for them to roam, they can become bored, but even more so if they have to be confined to a pen.

Of course the most notable event this month was the birth of our second daughter, Littlewoods (don’t worry, that’s not her real name, I swear). We’ve been in semi-hibernation, adjusting to life as a .

Jody Graham July 17, at 2: I was under the impression you had to have grid power to use the Sun Bandit. I will check it out asap. Fifteen years ago I never dreamed we would have charge controllers, grid tie inverters, and fuses and breakers that would be approved for volts DC. Nor would I ever have believed solar pv would be below a dollar a watt. Times have certainly changed. I like the idea of the Sun Bandit converting to AC right from the start.

Makes everything so much easier and easier to convince electrical inspectors. Thanks you for your info. Anyone have any experience with the Sun Bandit? Thanks again Brad and take care…Jody Carl September 17, at 5: Maybe just a cover for knowing nothing.

Nkandla (homestead)

See below for a complete list of Track day venues. We give drivers of high performance cars and sports cars the opportunity to drive their cars on a race track. During the first sessions a coach will ride in the passenger seat, and teach the driver high performance driving techniques.

80 Maple Road Niobrara, NE: Price: Sold At Auction June 23 – $50, Very nice two bedroom ranch, with a partially finished basement and an attached insulated two car garage located just 2 blocks from main street Niobrara and close to the Niobrara Valley Golf Course and scenic Missouri river.

Copyright Trapline Products: Gopher Traps and More. Dig open a 4 or 5 inch section of tunnel, and push the set trap into the tunnel, tines upwards as shown in the photos to right. When placing the trap into tunnel, hold the trap by the winder spring handle with thumb and index finger, and keep some pressure on the back of the wire trigger pan with index finger as shown in first photo , to prevent the trap from firing as you slide it into the mole run.

Slide the traps in to the run far enough that the pan and usually part or all of the winder spring are inside the run. This downwards and forwards pressure will drive the tines of the trap slightly down into the soil, which is what you want. Do not bed the trap by pushing straight down on the winder spring, as that tends to rock the front end of the trap up into the air, which may block the moles path into the trap.

Setting the Trapline Mole Trap This page contains the online version of the printed instructions that are supplied with our traps.

DIY Spring Wreath

Please keep in mind the needs and interests of your fellow campers. In order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our campers we have placed the following rules into effect. Check in anytime after 2pm until dark. No music during quiet hours.

We are a “Family” campground! 1 Unit per site.. Based on a Family of 4 = 2 adults & 2 children 2 ~ 18 years of age.. Extra Child $ per night each.

But before that, we had to sink these square cement block things. What are they called? And so, we I use this word very vaguely dug holes and sunk the concrete blocks. The blocks had been fitted with large bolts that ran through the center and into the horizontal frame of the greenhouse. Thus, the greenhouse was bolted to the ground via concrete blocks. After a week of on-and-off labor, the frame of the greenhouse was completed and level — not as easy as one would imagine.

In the end, despite a few thrown objects and some mild cursing, the greenhouse was at least standing. This photo has nothing to do with anything.

Farmhouse Bathroom Organization

Homestead MomaHomestead Moma One in the most crucial elements of the homemade solar power is the batteries. Batteries are essential because directories you to having power whether or not the sun is not shining or when can be cloudy along with the solar panels are not producing adjusting the way electricity. Connecting your homemade solar power system directly to a emp attack may solve the issue of having batteries however i do in no way recommend that complicated strategy.

Deep cycle batteries are the best kind to get and they will not should be replaced for generations of proper usage.

The Old Homestead is a unique trailer park facility, located at the village limits of ed on acres; the camp features sites with a complete selection of fully serviceable large camping is available daily, weekly, monthly or on a seasonal basis. Numerous activities delight our guests such as swimming in our large swimming and wading pools, nature hikes.

I will have to think about this and post my recommendations later today or tomorrow. When you wire solar modules in parallel, a shadow on one will have no effect on the other. You could have 4 solar modules in parallel and cover three of them. The fourth module will still operate as normal. If you wire them in series you are absolutely correct about the shadowing effect. Drop a leaf on one solar module and the whole array will go down. Edward I would still love the answers to the questions I originally asked: Could you tell me a little more about your system?

How many solar modules do you have?

Pit-Smoked Barbecue in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Learn how to cook a whole chicken. Grow a vegetable garden in your climate. Know how to properly prune and graft a fruit tree. Learn first-aid and CPR. Know how to dehydrate foods to preserve for later use. Give an animal an injection the muscle, in the vein, or under the skin

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By John Wells Be sure to reach the neutral flame for proper metal cutting. The following two articles, then, should be considered only as introductions to welding My career as a metalworker began a few years ago, when I was looking for a job out in Arizona. A friend of mine — a welder and the foreman of a shop in Tucson — offered to teach me his trade so I could apply for work with the same outfit.

I accepted his offer. One obvious benefit is that I now make my living as a welder and have supported my family that way for several years. But that’s not all! Life on our homestead has become a heck of a lot easier since I’ve mastered this craft. I’ve added all kinds of low-cost improvements, from scrap-steel ash shovels, pokers and other tools for our wood stove through a whole range of other repair and construction projects.

Take hammers, for example. Every homestead needs a few decent ones, both nail and ball-peen.

DIY Halloween Wreath

We want to keep this event family oriented. We have three events a year that bring people from every corner of the US and Canada. There are two other jams in mid May and mid October and the festival in September. The jams consist of a week or two, worth of bluegrass, gospel, and old time country music jams around the campground.

How to decorate your bathroom. Here are some tips for cute farmhouse bathroom organization. Pretty and functional are key.

Writing samples of Pitman Shorthand: I collected this writing sample of Pitman Shorthand from an unknown Web-site. The text illustrates the freedom of choice advanced Pitman writers may have in combining outlines together, or not. The transcription of the Pitman, line by line, is as follows. By the advanced rules of Pitman I could write “ordinary” in two strokes ‘Rd-Nr instead of four regular consonant strokes.

My outline count in writing this would end up lower, at least using the abbreviations and tricks I could easily remember.

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Ok, I am pretty sure almost everyone knows this song.. I remember singing it in the backseat with my sister, as a kid,, over and over and over,, and probably driving my parents INSANE.. Ironically enough, the song has come full circle, although now I believe I am actually living it The Off the Grid transition has been fairly smooth, but has required constant attention and thought,,, every action has an opposite and equal reaction Newtons Law comes in full play here A typical morning here: Nothing major, but it does use electricity

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Patrick has formed his style and design sense of tattooing after those he has been tattooed by and studied. He enjoys tattooing people who want simple, clean, solid tattoos. Tattoos that look like real tattoos, ones that will age gracefully with the client over the lifetime of the client. He prefers to work in the traditional American style and Japanese work. He learned to tattoo under the guidance of Patrick Dean and Dave Shoemaker, following proudly in the tradition of those before him.

His focus is clean, solid methodical tattooing, just like his mentors. Originally from vermont, we give him a pass for being slow in his response time to almost everything. As shown is his photo, he cleans up real well and is quite a hit with the ladies and gay men everywhere. His background in art of all mediums has proven to be vital in his development as a tattooer and as an artist.

Working at print shops, screen printing factories, and in the fields of photography and graphic design all eventually lead to his discovery and love for tattooing. After spending much of the late ‘s loitering around jersey shore tattoo shops Pete finally landed a job at a local shop as a body piercer.

Security Cameras for Now and WSHTF around my Homestead