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December 17, 6: It seems that as the Smith revolvers went from 5-screws,. Smith and Wesson Date Code. Have a Smith and Wesson model 36 I recently inherited that has ties to al capone’s brother who was the cop, and I think it was a police issued gun, but I. The most accurate method of. Smith and Wesson used the same serial numbers in different models over the years, and although a frame was made in one year ,. Smith and Wesson Model 10 date of.

Smith and Wesson 648 Stainless .22 MAG Revolver

That of a gun that can be carried effectively when wearing dress clothes. You know, the slacks, button up shirt tucked neatly in, working in an office In clothes like this almost no gun will go well just stowed in a pocket.

The Smith & Wesson Model 17 is a six-shot double-action revolver chambered for is built on Smith & Wesson’s medium-sized K-frame.

June 3, If you’re the High Bidder in an auction when it closes, don’t assume you’re the final High Bidder. Someone could outbid you in the final seconds of the auction if your Max Bid isn’t high enough. You’re not the high Bidder until you’ve been notified by email that you are. All Auctions are conducted in Pacific Time. It is a blued gun with a 6″ ribbed barrel with a fixed front sight and an adjustable rear sight. The hammer and trigger that show good case colors.

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Cash, checks or credit cards accepted Note: When you purchase a firearm, you will need to pass a NICS check. Plan on spending some time filling out the required paperwork to obtain a firearm.

Dating a Smith & Wesson Revolver: This list is merely a general guide and not meant to be exact. There is some dispute regarding the dates on some serial numbers.

SW Posted 16 November – This TM illustrates the ‘Revolver Cal. I find the term ‘short action’ significant; this was an improvement dating from ; I’m assuming this means they still had 4″. Immediatally following a similiar weapon is listed, but without the short action provisio. I believe this weapon could be a Victory. Also shown is the ‘Revolver, Lightweight, Cal. It also illustrates and list the 2″ and 4″ barrel Colt Official Police–which it describes as ‘formerly Commando.

My guess is that the fixed sight. I’m not sure if he had a Victory or a commercial weapon. I’m sure this was a commercial weapon because it was a round butt model. In the ’70s I personally examined an army aviator’s Colt Police Positive Special; other than a hand stamped US on the toe of the butt, it was commercial in every way.

I mention all this to show the variety of off the shelf. If you wanted to search the Smith and Wesson forum, or post a question, they could probably supply you with detailed information.

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Retired Squid Nov 19, Thanks Chuck for the info and I am sure he will be happy to have the info. He said he even tried to talk the person out of the trade, but they insisted on the trade. Or so the story goes, but he did say if he didn’t like the gun I could have first dibs on buying it from him. With small ones in the house I would not want to have a multi wall penetrator. Anyway keep up the good work. Say while I am at it here.

The Smith & Wesson company was formed in , in Norwich, Connecticut. The company’s first offering was a lever-action repeating pistol. Moving forward from those beginnings, Smith & Wesson shaped innovations in the manufacturing of modern handguns.

A lot of us on the forum really enjoy helping folks identify and age firearms. People often come here with an old inherited revolver and would like to know more about it, when it was made, history, etc. Always interesting, sometimes, these threads reveal hidden gems and treasures. To help us help you, please use as many of the following guidelines as possible: Details, Details, Details — Give us as much information as possible.

How many shots, swing out cylinder, top break, etc.? How long is the barrel measured from the end of the cylinder to the tip of the barrel? Is it blued, stainless, nickel? Photos obviously are best but some details are not in photos. Serial Number — Give us the serial number. You can X out the last digit or two but this is critical in dating the gun. Model Number — On revolvers made post , the model number is located on the inner frame, under the forcing cone of the barrel when the cylinder is open.

This also helps with ID and dating. Please Be Clear — I know that smartphones are not as easy in terms of typing, but please do your best to make complete sentences with punctuation.

s&w model 10 (not victory) enter service?

What is manufacture date of a Remington pump 22 serial no ? Answer Sorry, friend, we need more information. Remington has made 3 basic variations of pump 22’s.

Sep 17,  · Yet another K22 dating question: First post, yea, I’m the FNG. I have a K22 I bought a few years ago, curious how old it is. K## Mid ’50s? # I’m trying to find the year of my Special Smith & Wesson Model The serial number begins with KXXX It was my great uncle’s and now mine. Based on family history, I would surmise it was.

That first year of production they produced examples and the first gun bore had serial number 1, with no prefix. I had a red dot sight mounted on the 5-inch model years ago when I shot regularly in a winter indoor league. Why One Handed Target Shooting? Not only does formal one-handed, stationary target shooting develop skill great skill if you become good at it , such endeavors also reinforce the fundamentals needed to properly shoot a handgun.

Shooting a pistol one-handed is difficult when compared to shooting a handgun in the Isosceles or Weaver stance, but it remains an essential skill. And if you can hit a target with one hand, think how much easier it will be to do it with two! Even for the professional, there are often circumstances during a criminal or violent attack where the non-dominant hand is needed to protect an innocent bystander or family member, if not access an avenue of escape such as to open a door, remove an obstacle or start and drive a motor vehicle, all while engaging the threat one handed with the dominant hand.

Developing skill at one-hand shooting of a handgun does not detract from the skills needed when using both hands to stabilize and fire a defensive handgun. The barrel is fixed, with the forward part of the slide running under it. Barrel length on the test pistol is 7 inches.

Smith And Wesson Serial Number Lookup Model 36

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Apr 16,  · The “Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson” has some S/N info but it’s not absolutely exhaustive. On the older stuff it’s pretty good. AFAIK, there is no good source on the web.

Sunday, April 12, Sunday Smith K Combat Masterpiece, Termed the “Masterpiece”, its production was continued after the war. The postwar “K Masterpiece” contained everything Smith had learned about making an accurate revolver. The barrel featured an less tapered contour and had a serrated rib on top, which provided a glare-reducing sighting plane. The rear sight was of the micrometer style, click-adjustable for windage and elevation.

The triggers were serrated and provided with an internal overtravel stop. Built on a frame intended for. Starting in , they were cataloged in two distinct styles:


Dan April 30, at What texture did you use on your Kahr, rubber or granulated? Brandon May 1, at 7:

Nov 26,  · k 22 serial numbers, s&w k masterpiece serial no. mfg. dates, smith and wesson serial numbers, smith and wesson k 22 serial number dating.

Originally Posted by gearchecker Superlifer03, This will be a bit winded as is usual for many of my posts. But there’s much to be learned from the simple words and suggestions laid before you here. This is for you, and anybody else thinking about selling a gun or more. I’ve bought and sold nearly 50 guns in the past 2 years, so I have a little real world experience to share. I am by no means an expert, but I’m willing to help others go thru it more easily than I did at first.

Deciding to sell a gun is a pretty serious matter, and you need to be certain of what you’re going to be required to do, before you list it for sale. I’ll start out telling you it’s a pretty shaky guess for any of us to tell you what it’s worth. Is it an heirloom, where you think it’s more valuable to you than most buyers would consider? Gun buyers are buying the gun and its real value.

If the gun has a real verifiable history of significance, it’ll add value; otherwise it’s just another gun in its class. Most buyers have little concern for your personal connections to a particular gun.

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AKC, shoe or pet Excellent with children. S females, 2 males, tails dew claws done, ready now. Help save Gruily’, owner abandoned:

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If you collect, stop by often. Prices may change without notice. The pinned barrel models were discontinued in The box is the blue type with metal corners and is numbered to the gun, there is a break in both sections where the hammer has opened up a cut. The gun has adjustable rear sight, target trigger, target hammer and larger combat style stocks. The customer registration card is still unused. This is just one of the guns that has been laying in my inventory for years buried under other items on my third floor.

I will be getting some of these fine guns out and putting them up on our site in the coming weeks. This is a standard configuration for this style revolver and not much to say except it is new. This has a 4″ barrel with shroud and heavy target stocks, a five screw gun. The serial number of S- xx dates the piece about The back-strap has been cross checked and a set screw added to rear of trigger guard.

The hammer and trigger have been polished and jeweled, a red insert installed in front blade sight.

Smith & Wesson K-22 Masterpiece 1956