The Deck of Desire: Sexy Card Game

I decided to sit down one night a write up the whole story for one of my men. I thought you might like to read it too. Also, in the latter part of the story you will notice some discussion about clitoral hood removal surgery. One of my photographers has been trying to get me to submit to have my clitoral hood removed surgically to increase my sensitivity and orgasm more frequently. I have been seriously considering undergoing the procedure but as of yet have not. Why not add all of this to some of my photos, especially the ones that show my gaping cunt hole. So, here is the story. You asked me to tell you about my permanently stretched pussy and how I got it that way. Well, here is the story. During my years when I first became sexually active in high school and college my cunt hole was extremely tight when I had intercourse.

The Deck of Desire: Sexy Card Game

This is often the refinement of the broad skills from the first section. You can send them to yoga class to improve their flexibility, stamina, and endurance, but knowing exactly how far apart you want their knees to be when they kneel requires individualized teaching from you. How they like their food prepared Their daily or weekly schedule and what you can do to help with it How much pressure they like during a massage What are their favorite fetishes Protocols, rules, and consequences 3.

These are the things that the submissive wants to learn or change and has asked for help with.

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Caption Stories You might have noticed, but I recently removed the majority of my caption stoires. From her on out, they’ll only be available to my Patreon supporters. I gave them a bit of a face lift, cleaning up the older modifications, too. So, if you’d like access to my most recent stories over a dozen and counting , please just lick on the following image to be redirected to my Patreon Page: If you’re not sure about what I do, look at the following stories.

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You can cycle through all the morphs you have and you can become anything at any point. It is the ultimate disguise. This also is compatiable with any mod that brings in a living entity, so if you added orespawn per say it will work on the bosses themselves. The way you morph into mobs is so unique, it takes each model piece from a mob and dissembles it and resembles it onto the player.

Morphing Mod allows you to take on the shape and abilities of various mobs throughout the game. Being a chicken, for example, will allow you to float gently to the ground instead of to your death. Spider will allow you to climb walls and swimming can be accomplished by being a squid. Abilities By default when morphed, the Player will gain any ability that mob possessed, good and bad. There are currently 14 different abilities. Morph Skill Having the mod installed will not mean you can morph.

A meteorite will randomly crash near a non-afk Player, leaving a trail of destruction. There will be noticeable SFX so the Player does not miss it. Only one meteorite should fall in the overworld. There will be a config option to disable meteorite griefing and is enabled by default.

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Cro-Magnon France 27, , Note: Artifactual evidence indicates that modern humans were in Europe by at least 40, and possibly as early as 46, years ago. Dating of the earliest modern human fossils in Asia is less secure, but it is likely that they were present there by at least 60, years ago and possibly , years ago. It would seem from these dates that the location of initial modern Homo sapiens evolution and the direction of their dispersion from that area is obvious.

That is not the case.

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Share67 Shares While some rituals can involve something as simple as a silent, individual prayer, others—especially those involving a larger group—can be extremely painful and violent. Here are some of the most bizarre taboo rituals from all over the world: They believe that the greatest fear human beings have is the fear of their own deaths, and that this fear is a barrier to spiritual enlightenment.

So by confronting it, one can achieve enlightenment. There are five types of people who cannot be cremated according to Hinduism: These people are set afloat down the Ganges, where the Aghori pull them from the water and ritually consume them. The rituals are a means of praying to the Great Spirit, and sacrificing oneself while retaining a direct contact with the Tree of Life. The skin on the chest of the participants is pierced with a skewer , and a rope connects the skewer to a pole which represents the Tree of Life.

The participants then move back and forth to try and break free from the skewer—which, it bears repeating, is still lodged in their skin. This dance may take several hours before it is completed.

Female Gender Option Mod 1.7.10

Our hair is finally manageable, frizz free and SO soft! It leaves your hands so smooth and doesn’t leave an oily feel. Tree Hut Body Scrub This body scrub is amazing! It conditions, polishes and smells great! And it smells SO good! Bath Bombs There’s nothing like a relaxing bath after a long day!

An Ordo Sepultura Map of Death Guard Traitor Legion activity across the galaxy after the formation of the Great Rift in M Once the Primarch was united with his Legion, it was found that the Death Guard, as they were renamed by their new lord, were amongst the .

Origin[ edit ] Cars have always been subject to after market modification. The golden age of car tuning was the decades between World War II and the beginning of air pollution restrictions. The names of Abarth and Cooper appear on models styled after the cars they modified. In the s and s, many Japanese performance cars were never exported outside the Japanese domestic market. In the late s and early s, grey import vehicles of Japanese performance cars, such as the Nissan Skyline , [1] [1] [2] [3] began to be privately imported into Western Europe and North America.

In the United States, this was in direct contrast to the domestic car production around the same time, where there was a very small performance aftermarket for domestic compact and economy cars; the focus was instead on sporty cars such as the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Corvette , or on classic muscle cars. Because of their light weight and the increasing availability of low-prise tuning equipment, economy and compact cars exhibit high performance at a low cost in comparison to dedicated sports cars.

As professional sporting and racing with such vehicles increased, so did recreational use of these vehicles. Drivers with little or no automotive, mechanical, or racing experience would modify their vehicles to emulate the more impressive versions of racing vehicles, with mixed results. Areas of modification[ edit ] The essence of modification of a tuner car is an attempt to extract the greatest possible performance—or the appearance of high performance—from the base motor vehicle through the addition, alteration or outright replacement of parts.

Although this largely involves modifying the engine and management systems of the vehicle to increase the power output, additional changes are often required to allow the vehicle to handle this power, including stiffened suspension, widened tires, better brakes, improved steering and transmission modifications such as the installation of a short shifter.

[1.7.10] Morphing Mod Download

What a beautiful view: Nudist beaches were never so crowded with stunning forms as in this year Welcome to the unique section of womans locker rooms! Here you will see everything that was hidden before! Watch the naked girls changing their clothes in front of you If girls only knew they are watched, they would, for sure, be dressed everywhere – be it in bathroom, shower, kitchen, or bedroom

Body armor/armour, personal armor/armour, suits of armour or coats of armour all refer to protective clothing, designed to absorb and/or deflect slashing, bludgeoning and penetrating attacks by weapons. It was historically used to protect military personnel, whereas today, it is also used to protect various types of police (riot police in particular), private citizens, private security guards.

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image caption The Hawe family were buried after a funeral mass at St Mary’s Church, Castlerahan The body of Alan Hawe, who died along with his wife and three children in an apparent murder-suicide, has been exhumed from the family grave in County Cavan. The bodies of Mr Hawe and his wife Clodagh, and their sons Liam, 13, Niall, 11, and Ryan, six, were found at their home in August last year.

The five were buried together after a funeral Mass in Castlerahan. Mr Hawe’s body was removed earlier on Wednesday. The exhumation was carried out in the presence of members of the Garda Irish police. Image copyright Hawe family Image caption Alan and Clodagh Hawe, and their sons Liam, Niall and Ryan, were buried together A cover was erected for privacy and work began about

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Once he was into it, the awkwardness subsided and he focused on her. He was infatuated with her and always wanted to make her happy. As she offered encouragement, he got more and more into it. Little did he know she was hardly finished. You are pushing this too far.

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Khond woman with ear, septum and nostril piercings Nose piercing also has a long history. Nose piercing has been practiced by the Bedouin tribes of the Middle East and the Berber and Beja peoples of Africa, [22] as well as Australian Aboriginals. It was popular among the Aztecs , the Mayans and the tribes of New Guinea, who adorned their pierced noses with bones and feathers to symbolize wealth and among men virility. Pierced adornments of the lip, or labrets , were sported by the Tlingit as well as peoples of Papua New Guinea and the Amazon basin.

Women of the Nilotic Mursi tribe in the Nile Valley wear lip rings on occasion that may reach 15 centimetres 5. The blood would be collected on bark, which would be burned in honor of the Mayan gods. Nipple piercing , Navel piercing , and Genital piercing Navel piercing may have been practiced in Egypt, but its history is disputed.

Kama Sutra , dated to the Gupta Empire of Ancient India, describes genital piercing to permit sexual enhancement by inserting pins and other objects into the foreskin of the penis.

Great Shift TG Captions

Perhaps you have been hearing more about Ball stretching but I can assure you that this practice has been around for a long time. There are two purposes for Ball stretching. Placing a parachute harness on a male’s ball sac and adding light weights to it causes pressure to the testicles and this sensation can bring a combination of pleasure and pain to the submissive male.

A body found on land belonging to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst has been identified. The discovery was made near St Michael’s Church on Monday (June 25). Surrey Police think the body is.

For those looking for more a more eastern or japanesey look to their female characters: E japan game art direction, not anime. RANs Tweaked FaceMenu replaces eye width slider with eye angle slider which allows you to adjust the shape of character eyes even further like making elven eyes look more human. RANs Headmesh Variants is just a face texture mod with some different variations to pick.

The rest are just face, body, and face shape texture mods. The rest is just your slider skills.

49ers DE Arik Armstead’s Girlfriend Has A Body You Have To See To Believe

Gelding may be reached online at gelding geocities. For more information on eunuchs, read the Extreme FAQ, nullification section. The following interview is a combination of email correspondance and documents from his web page. After having known you were gay all your life, and then getting into the leather scene, how did this actually progress into body modification?

I got into piercing, get a Prince Albert or PA put into my penis. A PA is a ring that goes into the urethra and then out through a hole pierced through the underside of the penis.

May 18,  · Does this interfere with the “Ask For Money After Woohoo” mod available on SexySims? That adds an interaction to the Romance menu that lets you ask sims for money after you Woohoo with them, whether male or female.

Gameplay A screenshot of the game interface from RuneScape Players begin in a secluded area, where they are taken through a tutorial , a set path where they learn the most basic skills in RuneScape. They can train their in-game skills, engage non-player character NPC monsters and other players in combat and complete quests at their discretion. Skills The 27 skills in RuneScape enable players to perform various activities within the game, allowing for interaction with NPCs, the environment and other players.

Players gain experience points in a skill when they use it. For example, mining an ore trains the mining skill, and when the player accumulates enough experience points in the skill, their character will “level up”. The total skill level of a player partly symbolises the player’s status in the game and subscribers with a high total level can appear on the official high scores. The items created can be used by the player or sold to shops and other players.

Other skills allow players to kill certain NPCs, build their own houses, move around the map with greater ease, steal from various NPCs, market stalls and chests located in-game, light fires, cook their own food, create their own potions , craft runestones and weapons , plant their own plants, hunt NPC animals, raid dungeons , and summon familiars to assist in combat and training skills. Combat is an important aspect of the game, allowing players to defeat monsters to obtain dropped items or to complete quests.

A combat level is an indicator of how powerful a player or NPC is in combat. For players, it is determined by applying a mathematical formula to their combat skills. Most of the game’s weapons are medieval or fantastical in nature, and feature different strengths and weaknesses.

Hole in the Head – Body Mods (C4 Shorts)